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SmartControl – an access control app using Mifare contactless cards

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SmartControl app is designed to create an access control system in an organization using an Android mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and a contactless Mifare® card reader.

The app is standalone and does not require a connection to an external database. If necessary, integration with your access control system is possible. Write to us, we will help you and update the app to meet your requirements.

Mifare® is a registered trademark of NXP Semiconductors.

Required equipment

  • Android mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with a USB host controller (most devices have it) and Android system version 4.4 and higher.
  • A card reader from a wide range of ASC devices: ACR32-33, ACR38-39, ACR83, ACR88-89, ACR100-102, ACR122-123, ACR125-126, ACR128, ACR131 and others. A full list of devices can be found in the FAQ section below on the page.
  • USB OTG (USB On-the-Go) adapter with an optional power supply input for connecting the mobile device with the reader.
  • Mifare® UltraLight and Mifare® Classic 1K/4K (with cryptographic data protection) cards.
Equipment kit of Card Reader, Mifare card, OTG, Android mobile device

Frequently asked questions

Which card readers are supported?2018-02-23T19:12:10+03:00

A wide range of ASC devices are supported as card readers:

ACR32U-A1, ACR3201-A1, ACR33U-A1, ACR33U-A2, ACR33U-A3, ACR33U, ACR38U, ACR38U-SAM, ACR38U-CCID/ACR100-CCID, ACR3801, ACR39U, ACR39K, ACR39T, ACR39F, ACR39U-SAM, ACR39U-U1, ACR3901U, ACR83U-A1, ACR88U, ACR89U-A1, ACR89U-A2, ACR89U-A3, ACR100I, ACR101, ACR102, ACR122U/ACR122U-SAM/ACR122T, ACR1222U-C1, ACR1222U-C3, ACR1222U-C6, ACR1222U-C8, ACR1222L-D1, ACR1222L, ACR123U-A1, ACR123U, ACM123S1-Z1, ACR125, ACR1251U-A1, ACR1251U-A2, ACR1251U-C, ACR1251U-C, ACR1251UK, ACR1251U-C1, ACR1251U-C9, ACM1251U-Z2, ACR1252U-A1, ACR1252U-A2, ACR1252U-A1, ACR1252U-A1, ACR1255U-J1, ACR1256U, ACR1261U-C1, ACR1261U-A, ACR128U, ACR1281U-C1, ACR1281U-C2, ACR1281U, ACR1281U-C3, ACR1281U-C4, ACR1281U-C5, ACR1281U-C6, ACR1281U-C7, ACR1281U-K, ACR1281U-K, ACR1281U-K, ACR1281U-K9, ACR1283L-D1, ACR1283L-D2, ACR1311U-N1, AMR220-C, APG8201-A1, APG8201-B2, CryptoMate, CryptoMate64, CryptoMate, CryptoMate.

The app was tested on the ACR122U.

How much is a set of equipment?2018-02-23T19:27:15+03:00

A set of equipment – starting from $120.

A card reader – from $40
OTG-adapter – from $2
Android tablet – from 50$
Mifare cards – from 25$ for 100 pcs.

What are the limitations of the demo version?2018-02-23T19:28:15+03:00

You can download and try the app for free. In the demo version, you can add up to five access cards.

How is data protection ensured on the access card?2018-02-23T19:41:19+03:00

Personal data of users is not recorded on access cards. The access cards record only the code by which the user is identified in the application database.

For Mifare Classic cards, this code is additionally encrypted so that it can not be read and overwritten without using the encryption key, which is specified in the application settings.

What if the card encryption key is lost?2018-02-23T19:31:17+03:00

The encryption key for Mifare Classic cards is specified in the application settings. If it is lost, then it is not possible to restore it and all access cards will need to be reconnected to the corresponding profiles in the application database with a new encryption key.

For a Mifare Classic 1K card, this can be done no more than 15 times, and for a Mifare Classic 4K card – no more than 39 times, since the card data contains 16 and 40 data sectors, respectively, and only 15 and 39 of them respectively can use the application with different encryption keys.

How to transfer data from one mobile device to another?2018-02-23T19:32:29+03:00

To do this, use the backup/restore functions in the application settings.

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